Custom Removable Exhaust Blankets

At McKay Industrial & Marine our primary focus is building custom removable exhaust blankets.

The inner layer of our exhaust blankets is composed of 100% select grade Type "E" glass fibers needled together into mat form. McKay Industrial & Marine fiberglass mat is processed in such a way to maximize thermal efficiency. It is non-respirable, incombustible, asbestos free and contains no resinous or inorganic binders. Our exhaust insulation conforms to MIL-I-24244, USCG Subpart 164.009 and ASTM E84 industry standards and has a continuous ratting of 1000F.

Custom blankets with a continuous ratting over 1000F are available.

The outer layer of our exhaust blankets are composed of a Teflon coated fiberglass cloth 1650 T. We have been doing constant research and development on providing an exhaust blanket that does not break down under higher then normal temperatures and have found that the 1650 T is far superior to silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth.

1650 T is an asbestos free woven fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE Teflon resins, then top coated with pigmented Teflon. This coating is impervious to most known chemicals, will not stain, and cleans easily. 1650 T has a fairly stiff feel and has excellent abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance. This is a very durable medium weight fabric for removable insulation blankets.

McKay Industrial & marine ltd sews all of our exhaust blankets with Teflon coated 750F fiberglass thread .017” and has a breaking strength of 19lbs. Our thread is specially coated for excellent chemical and high UV resistance.

McKay Industrial & Marine uses knitted wire mesh for the inner layer of our exhaust blankets and is made of 304L stainless steel that is particularly effective in temperature extremes or in corrosive environments. Due to its construction, knitted wire mesh is also inherently flexible and durable. For insulation blankets that are frequently removed and reinstalled and have to fit almost any dimensions, these characteristics are more than just appealing.

McKay Industrial & Marine exhaust blankets come STD with 14 gauge 304 stainless steel lacing anchors and lacing wire for superior corrosion control.