Texturized & Non-Texturized
Fiberglass Fabrics

McKay Type E Grade Fiberglass makes an ideal, cost effective fabric for use to 1000oF. Bulk texturizing increases the fabric thickness for insulation applications. Lewco 2025 fabrics are often used as a “hot side” fabric in removable / reusable pad applications. Vermiculite & HT Carmelizing available.

Melt Point: 1530oF. Useful tensile strength to 1000oF.

Silicone Coasted /
Impregnated Fiberglass

McKay Silicone Coated / Impregnated Fiberglass excel in high temperature applications. Silicone adds abrasion resistance and water proofing. These fabrics are especially good for making removable / reusable insulation jacketing. Other uses include fireblanket and welding curtain applications.

Maximum continuous coating temperature to 500oF. Standard Colors: Aluminum Gray and Iron Oxide (Red). Other colors available upon request. Minimums may apply to non-stock items. Custom Toll Coating Available.

Laminated Fiberglass
and Silica Fabrics

McKay PTFE / Impregnated Fiberglass Fabrics are excellent high temperature fabrics, and are resistant to hostile chemical attacks. PTFE is inert against most acids and bases. Other PTFE laminates and films are available upon request.

Maximum continuous temperature for coatings to 500oF. Standard color: Gray, other colors available upon request. Minimums may apply to non-stock items. Custom Toll Coating Available.

Silica Fabrics

McKay Laminated Fiberglass & Silica Fabrics – Aluminum Foil and/or Films laminated to fiberglass & silica fabric create an excellent vapor barrier against moisture and radiant energy barrier in very hot conditions.

Maximum continuous temperatures to 500oF.

Coated Fabrics

High purity, non-respirable silica yarn is used to make a cost effective silica fabric. A special vermiculite, weave set coating may be applied to help fabricators during the cut & sew process. Lewco Silica Fabrics are widely used in welding applications.

Useful tensile strength to 1800oF.
Melt Point: 3000oF.
Silica fabrics are coated on one side or two sides for specialty applicatio

Coated Fabrics

McKay’s Neoprene Coated Fiberglass Fabrics are made to resist sparks, spatter and slag produced around welding and metal cutting projects at fabrication facilities and construction sites. Since neoprene rubber is inherently flame retardant, it is a good coating material to encapsulate the fiberglass fabric with to keep the fly (airbornes) and skin irritation problems to a minimum.

Coated Fabrics

McKay’s Acrylic Coated Fiberglass Fabrics are low cost, light duty, high temperature fabrics used to make blankets and curtains in all kinds of extreme heat applications. The acrylic coating is used as a fabric binder together during the cutting and fabrication process. This coating also encapsulates the fiberglass to minimize skin irritation.