Mat Insulation

McKay Glass Mat Insulation is composed of 100% select-grade type “E” glass fibers needled together into mat form. It is INCOMBUSTIBLE, ASBESTOS FREE, and contains NO RESINOUS or INORGANIC BINDERS. Lewco Glass Mat can be used on equipment operating at temperatures to 1200oF and will not deteriorate or shake apart in vibrating applications.

McKay Glass Mat conforms to Mil Spec Mil-I-16411, Mil-I-24244, ASTM E-84, Smoke 0, Flame 0, NRC 1.36.

Mat Insulation

McKay Silica Mat Insulation is manufactured using 98% pure textile grade silica fiber needled together into blanket / felt form. McKay Sil Mat base fiber is made through a hot extrusion process yielding 6-11 micron, non-respirable fiber. This fiber is then processed to maximize thermal efficiency.

McKay Sil Mat is INCOMBUSTIBLE, ASBESTOS FREE, NON-RESPIRABLE, and contains NO RESINOUS or INORGANIC BINDERS. Typical applications include engine exhaust system insulation, hot industrial equipment insulation, and many others.

Maximum temperature – 1800oF.

Silica / Fiberglass

McKay combines our Silica and Fiberglass insulation felts into needled composites that for many insulation applications can give our customers the pricing advantage of Fiberglass with the high temperature properties of Silica Fiber. McKay combines these two different felts into various thickness combinations to meet our customers requirements. These insulation felt composites are strong enough to give long life in tough, difficult applications.

Applications include: Stress Relief blankets, Removable / Reusable Insulation for high noise level, high maintenance, high vibration and high temperature equipment or engine exhaust systems.